My experience with the “Hack Doctor”

When I get SPAM email I usually just got ahead deleting it and forget it in the same moment. But there are SPAM mails which are begging for a reply so that I cannot resist to get into the dialogue.

The recipient address is not mine so of course this one was sent to numerous addresses on BCC, mine included.

Let’s feed the troll:

Uhm… wow, the time to get a reply is not bad. One point for the “Doctor”:

Wow $1500 is quite a lot… for “install ramsomware virus on the account SQL” dafuq? Seems like he’s a fucking genius! He can extract passwords from probably encrypted (by ransomware) databases. If that is real, he will get a better job than bleeding money from others.

But quite sure troll is still hungry:

He replied with two mp4 videos:

One more:

Both videos showing some kind of logs containing obviously O365 login details… Uhm, okay getting in touch with Microsoft at this point. But nevertheless, let’s continue with our Doctor 🙂

Too bad I don’t own BTC (haha!)

Alright, PayPal… so I need to create a fake FB account to get the PP address… Still in doubt he can do hat he promised… shouldn’t I?

Uhhh… found his raw point, who am I to doubt his skills!!!!

Sorry, I’m the born eyebrow-raiser ^^

But great, now we have a PayPal account. You already know it… PayPal informed at this point

Damn! Have I been to forceful? He want’s to quit the discussion…

So I’ve sent another question:

I bet you all can guess the answer 😉

Story ends at this point. All details were sent to PayPal, Microsoft and as I assume he’s located in Europe, maybe I’ll get in touch with law enforcement…

Of course I’ll update the article if there are new transmissions incoming.