Keep calm and defer Oultook messages for 1 minute

Surely you know the situation of having just sent out a message in Outlook and immediately regret it because something was forgotten or a spelling mistake caught your eye when you clicked the Send button. Especially when you are in a hurry this can easily happen. Or when you’re angry 😡  So what to do? 

My most valuable Outlook rule automatically delays all sent messages by exactly one minute. The message stays in the outbox for that time.  And this rule saved my day and life a couple of times so I want to share it with you. Probably not the first blog post about it but it might help one or two of you 😎

To do this, we create a new rule: 

Go to “File” –> “Manage Rules & Alerts” –> “New Rule”. This opens the rule wizard.

Select “Apply rule on messages I send”. 


Skip Step 1 and acknowledge the warning that this rule will be applied to all messages you send. 

Select the “defer delivery by a number of minutes” and anter the number of minutes for the delay (I set this to 1 minute).  

For my rule I set an exception with the “except if the subject contains specific words” which I set to “ffwd” for “fast forward”. However, any other word or character combination can be used here.  

Finally, the rule is given a name and is activated. This way every sent message stays in the outbox for X minutes and can be edited there.